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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Bates Motel

It seems Bates Motel is going to get even more intense as Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) descends further into the darkness, something only hinted at in the season finale. When Bates Motel returns, fans will see Norman go full psychopath, a condition first revealed when, upon escaping from Norma (Vera Farmiga), he slipped into his mother’s persona and brutalized Bradley.

The Bates Motel executive producer Kerry Ehrin hinted that Norma’s ways of protecting her son may have contributed to Norman’s madness, since her actions would have had a different effect on one with dissociative disorder than they might have had on a more rational mind.

“So in many ways, ‘Mother’ is that for Norman. It’s somebody that he can call on when he feels out of control. The other side of that is, he has this whole warped, psychosexual, frustrated, messed-up psychology with his mother which also feeds into it. So it’s just created this being that lives in him.”

Even with the way Bates Motel left off, it seems there’s much more to play out between Norma and Norman, when the new season of Bates Motel premieres. Ehrin warns fans not to make any assumptions, especially where Vera Farmiga’s Bates Motel character is concerned.

“I feel like that could happen, honestly, at any point. It could happen in any episode from now until the end of the series,” Kerry warned, when faced with the idea that Norma Bates’ death would foretell the end of the series.

Kerry also revealed that even the way in which the new season of Bates Motel picks up will be different, since, unlike previous seasons, there will be no time jump.

“Bradley (Nicola Peltz) had just been killed, Norman thinks his mother did it, the actual Norma has no idea where her son is, Emma’s (Olivia Cooke) going in for a lung transplant. So there are a lot of threads we [wanted] to pick up immediately.”

How this plays out for Norma Bates remains to be seen. While Norman may pose an immediate danger to her, Norma still loves her son and wants what’s best for him. Currently, that may translate into sending him back to Pineview sanitarium, but, as Ms. Ehrin explains, real world problems may make that difficult.

“Those places are insanely expensive, and if you don’t have health insurance — and even if you do –they’re crazy expensive. So where that money is going to come from, what Norma Bates will have to do…what pretzel she will tie herself into, I don’t know yet,” Ehrin said. “But she wants, more than anything in the world, to fix things for her son and to be there for him.”

Bates Motel will debut in March 2016 on A&E.


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Vera Farmiga’s Norma Bates is already running out of time as Norman will be a full-blown psychopath when “Bates Motel” returns for season 4. Norma could even be her son’s next victim as showrunner hints that her death will help develop the story.

 A&E’s hit drama thriller is aiming for a darker season now that Freddie Highmore’s Norman Bates is nearing the state of his counterpart in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film “Psycho.”

We previously reported the things that the fans can expect in “Bates Motel” season 4, which teases the blooming relationship of Dylan, played by Max Thieriot and Emma, played by Olivia Cooke. Nestor Carbonell’s Sheriff Romero and Norma will also have a chance to take their relationship to the next level in the upcoming season.

In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kerry Ehrin, executive producer of the show, hints one of the anticipated episodes in the series that will see the death of Norma Bates. Now that the show only has 20 episodes left, Ehrin admits that it will be happening somewhere in the middle of the remaining 20 episodes since Norma’s death will help develop the Norman arc.

“I feel like that could happen, honestly, at any point. It could happen in any episode from now until the end of the series!” Ehrin added.

Surely before that happens, we will still see more of the unstable Norma, who often losses it when it comes to protecting her demented son. Even Vera Farmiga revealed that she enjoys seeing her character go nuts from time to time during her interview with TheWrap.

“The biggest hoot is and always will be presenting Norma’s freak-outs. At least once a season, excrement hits the oscillating air device for Norma and she goes postal,” the actress said.

She also explained the biggest difference of their show from other thriller TV shows that also has a cult following like theirs.

“What sets our thriller apart from others on TV right now is that we are firmly rooted in reality,” Farmiga said. She then added, “There is nothing mystical, fantastical, supernatural, spectral or otherworldly in our show. We explore the darkness of the human condition.”

“Bates Motel” season 4 might finally see the death of Norma despite her unconditional love for her son and her efforts to make him well. Her death will ultimately help the story to progress now that there are only 2 seasons left for the A&E hit series.


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Vera Farmiga, the co-protagonist at an American drama thriller “Bates Motel,” said nothing compares to their TV series.

Farmiga, who plays as Norma Bates in the TV series, praised their show for its uniqueness and said that there is nothing else like “Bates Motel” on television. Farmiga said that their TV series presents the neurosis, psychopathy, and dysfunction of their characters which will make viewers feel better about themselves, The Wrap reported.

Farmiga was even asked about what sets apart their show from other horror TV series. The actress said that “Bates Motel” is firmly based in reality. Farmiga added that they only explore the darkness of human condition and there are no mystical, fantastical, supernatural, spectral or otherworldly aspects in their TV series.

The actress also said that their beautiful story is about a single mom’s unconditional love of her dysfunctional child. According to her, the profoundly moving rapids of heartache, yearning and effort that it takes for a parent to heal their child should swept away viewers of the show.

Farmiga loves their TV series and she also loves to go on freak-out modes, which is a vital part of their show. According to the actress, doing freak-outs for her role as Norma is her favorite part.

The TV series is renewed for fourth and fifth seasons with 10 episodes each. The renewed seasons will be aired on 2016 and 2017 respectively, Crave Online reported. Executive vice president and general manager of A&E and Lifetime Rob Sharenow said that they were thrilled to bring fans two more seasons to witness the next stages of Norman’s transformation into the most notorious psychopath in cinematic history.

The American thriller series will star Farmiga as Norma Bates, Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates, Max Thierot as Dylan, Olivia Cooke as Emma and Nestor Carbonell as Sheriff Alex Romero.


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LOS ANGELES – Vera Farmiga and Dax Shepard are definitely part of the Robert Downey Jr. fan club, especially after working with the “Iron Man” on “The Judge.”

But don’t discount: Billy Bob Thornton is apparently a pretty good hang.

The co-stars told HitFix reporter Louis Virtel what made their own roles in the flick so cool (or “cute-cucumber,” whatever your preference) too.

“I like taking on feminine characterizations I admire, and want to be more like,” Farmiga said of her role Samantha. “There’s a lot in between the lines.”

For Shepard, he said this is the first time ever he’s “played someone who’s a straight[-up] good person,” he said. “I’m not witty, I’m not making fun of anyone. I do my best… really acknowledging how I feel about Downey in real life. Which is ‘this guy is the greatest.'”

Which roles would the actors love to take from their movies, and turn into a TV show?

Frito from “Idiocracy” is certainly a fan favorite, as far as Shepard’s resumee is concerned. He likes to make his wife Kristen Bell laugh by busting out that dumbbell accent around the house.

And Farmiga would love to be that good ol’ “wacky prostitute” Oana from 2006’s “Breaking and Entering.”

Watch the rest of the interview above, on other fun moments from “The Judge,” why Shepard’s caught on the term “buffoon” and how fans see Farmiga after getting a load of Norma Bates from “Bates Motel.”


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Robert Downey Jr. counts actress Vera Farmiga, one of his co-stars in The Judge, among “my favourite human beings in the world.” Back at you, Downey. Farmiga thinks so highly of you and of fellow co-star Robert Duvall that she calls working with the duo on The Judge “a great privilege.”

This kind of buttering-up can be utter nonsense, trite asides during a movie promotion. But, in this case, the mutual admiration sounds genuine and therefore believable. It started with the respect she had going in on the project, Farmiga says in a one-on-one interview prior to the release of The Judge, which is now playing in theatres.

“Duvall and Downey are arguably the best actors in the world. So there is a respect already that we all came with.” Naming other members of the ensemble, including Vincent D’Onofrio, Jeremy Strong, Billy Bob Thornton and Dax Shepard, Farmiga says “the calibre already is five-star across the board.”

Layer that support cast under the Duvall-Downey duo and the set was electric, Farmiga says. “So you come in with such respect and anticipation and joy — and that is what you yearn for as an actor, to have this kind of opportunity!”

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VERA Farmiga will tell you that doing love scenes is awkward enough (“it’s just weird”), but when your on-screen love interest’s wife is a producer on the film and is standing just out of shot, it can prove downright bizarre.

“I’m sitting on Robert Downey Jr’s lap, and the director is telling me to move this way and that, and his wife Susan is standing there, nodding her head,” laughs the actor.

“The pressure was on me to please Susan. The first person I looked at was her, like, ‘Susan, is that OK?’ I mean, she kisses him on a daily basis — she’s the expert!”

Farmiga and Downey star in The Judge, an old-fashioned weepy (mixed with those old family resentments, grudges and things left unsaid) about Hank, a high-flying lawyer (Downey) who returns to his small hometown to deal with his gruff father (Robert Duvall), the town’s judge, who’s facing a murder charge.

Farmiga plays Sam, “a solid, peaceful gal”, and Hank’s high school girlfriend.

“She’s pretty much the only woman in the film,” groans Farmiga. “So there was a lot of testosterone flying around. Actually, it was good that Susan (Downey) was there!”

Farmiga reckons that “films like this” just aren’t being made in Hollywood, and that it took Downey’s star power to get the project across the line.

“I think there’s a very noble message here (about family). I know what it does for me in my life, I know what direction it points me to. What it sort of deems me guilty of in my life.”

Such as?

“I’m not going to tell you,” she laughs, “but in a general sense, I know where there’s anger, and indignation and hurt and resentment that I’m not addressing.”

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The upcoming horror film Annabelle has many ties back to James Wan’s 2013 movie The Conjuring – as any prequel/spin-off would – but one link it doesn’t have is appearances from the originals’ stars. While the characters do have very important ties to the titular doll, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorainne Warren, who were played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in last year’s horror film, don’t actually make an appearance in Annabelle. But that wasn’t necessarily always going to be the case.

This past weekend, I had the chance to sit down with Annabelle director John Leonetti and producer James Wan, and personally wondering about Farmiga and Wilson’s absence, I took the opportunity to ask if there was ever a discussion behind the scenes about having them make a cameo appearance. As it turns out, there were conversations about it, but it was ultimately decided that the schedules just wouldn’t work out, so the idea was left behind. Said Leonetti,

“Honestly, yes, we would have loved for them to join the party, if you will, but I just don’t think it was viable with their schedule and ours, so we just did it the way we did it.”

While Ed and Lorainne Warren don’t actually appear on screen in Annabelle, their finger prints are still all over it. To this day, the Annabelle doll (which in real life is actually a rather normal Raggedy Anne) remains as the most notable piece in the Warrens’ collection of demonically touched items. The new film even opens with a call back to the Annabelle sequence in The Conjuring where the Warrens are interviewing a pair of nurses who have felt the toy’s evilness (though the “Warrens” never actually appear on screen).

I didn’t have the opportunity to ask Leonetti and Wan about it during our short interview, but I remain curious as to what the cinematic future holds for Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and the series. The Conjuring wound up making nearly $320 million worldwide when it was done with its box office run, and while Annabelle certainly represents an expansion of the franchise, I wonder if we’ll ever get a more direct sequel with the Warrens looking into another one of their most famous cases. It could possibly hinge on the success of Leonetti’s movie this weekend.


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